2016. június 6., hétfő

Idioms of TIME

  • "Time ________ when you're having fun."
  • My friend John used to be a waiter, but he finally got a job in a successful movie and now he's hit ________. He's going to be star.
  • Stop ___________  time playing those video games. It's time to do your homework.

  • It's a shame his parents don't understand it from his point of view, they're really ________the times.
  • My grandparents live in Canada. I only get to see them ____________, because it's very expensive to fly there.
  • I managed ___________ clock and complete my exam just in time!
  • If I could ____________ of time, I would promise to be a better person and treat you right.
  • Sarah's not going to be here for another 20 minutes. Shall we walk to the park to __________?
  • You're ___________your time by sitting here talking to me. Go to the train station before she leaves!

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