2015. szeptember 9., szerda

Skype-English online classes

Take English conversation classes live, 1-on-1.
This is by far the best way to improve your real spoken English and listening abilities, and get to a level where you can use it in real life situations.

The teacher speaks with you about specific topics whatever you like, or you can have normal day to day conversations.
If you would like to have some grammar with your conversation, we can do that too!
You can choose the time and day for the class.
The classes are made for each student individually.
They will be at your level, studying what you need and what interests you.

About the Teacher:
Very experienced at teaching, studied linguistics, have master’s degrees in education, have taught in several schools and different age groups.
She is also an interesting person that you will enjoy having a conversation with.
She is also a personality trainer and therapist, so you can connect English talking with personality training and self-knowledge.

About prices and payment:
Via PayPal I create an invoice and you send the money to my email.

4 lessons: $80 = $20 / class / 60 minute
10 lessons: $160 = $16/ class / 60 minute

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