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Üzleti angol idiómák

1. a foot in the door
to manage to enter an organization, a field of business, etc. that could bring you success
• I always wanted to work for that company but it took me two years to get a foot in the door.

2. cash cow
the part of a business that always makes a profit and that provides money for the rest of the business
The new product became the company's cash cow.

3. too many chiefs, not enough Indians
used to describe a situation in which there are too many people telling other people what to do, and not enough people to do the work
There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians in that company.

4. eager beaver
an enthusiastic person who works very hard
George is an eager beaver and is certain to succeed in business.

5. a slice of the pie
a share of something such as money, profits, etc.
The company made big profits and the workers want a slice of the pie.

6. go belly up
to fail completely
Last year the business went belly up after sales continued to fall.

7. golden handshake
a large sum of money that is given to somebody when they leave their job, or to persuade them to leave their job
When Tom left the company he was given a golden handshake.

8. grease someone's palm
to give somebody money in order to persuade them to do something dishonest

There are rumours that the company had to grease someone's palms to get that contract.
GREASE SOMEONE'S PALM: to give somebody money in

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